Helping Smart Borrowers BORROW SMARTER.

The Corporation for Interest Rate Management (CIRM) provides financial advice on managing interest rate risk to real estate developers and corporate borrowers.  Established in 1981, The CIRM has advised on thousands of projects over the past three decades.  The CIRM applies experience and expertise to provide custom interest rate risk management strategies, and currently advises on over $21 billion worth of debt.

Throughout our long and distinguished history, we have been committed to putting our clients’ interests first. This established responsibility allows us to focus on what is in the best interest of the borrower. We work with our clients to understand the specific risks associated with their debt and provide tailored solutions that accomplish their goals first.

How well does the market predict LIBOR?

The (obvious) answer is: “not very”. The financial markets only get it right when the above lines cross. Unfortunately, market predictions are already built into the cost of every hedge product sold.