Our Services

The CIRM acts as a full time interest rate risk advisor to its clients.  Our team works to design custom strategies for minimizing interest rate costs and risk exposure. The CIRM continuously monitors the risk profile of each project, from negotiating loan terms to market analysis and responding to global news events.  The CIRM provides advice for the entire duration of engagement with the objective of minimizing client borrowing costs.

The CIRM Advantage

To the right is a comparison of the experience offered by a typical broker and the suite of services offered by the CIRM.

Brokers The CIRM
Business Type Financial Supermarket Specialized Professional Office
Role Lender Agent Borrower’s Advisor
Guiding principle Return of capital Return on capital
Perspective Transactional Strategic
Point of engagement After loan is negotiated Negotiation ideally
Oversight Periodic, discrete Continuous, integral
Business objective Minimize Lending Risk, Up front Minimize borrowing expense, end of day
Decisions Few, at fixed points Many, at best points
Tool of risk management Offsetting positions Sequenced, timely planned moves
Philosophy “Trade” “Invest”
Event timing Tied to contract dates Open to market opportunities
Cash flow Restricted Maximized
Products Hedges, swaps, caps, collars
Services Counsel, management
Home Wall Street Real World
Borrower’s outcome Zero sum, plus expenses Best economic interest

Disclaimer: The following are statements by representative clients of the CIRM. While the strategies employed on behalf of these clients met their goals, there is no guarantee that any particular objective will be achieved. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance or success.

I always assumed that interest-rate protection was something you just bought. A sunk cost, like insurance. CIRM showed me that it doesn’t have to be. They’ve saved me a bundle.

—Leading Chicago-based real estate developer

What I hadn’t fully appreciated before was how much hidden cost is built into the typical swap or cap. Yes, you need to hedge sometimes. But most of the time there’s a cheaper way.  If so, CIRM will find it.

— CFO, major league sports team

With all I have on my plate, I don’t have time for monitoring LIBOR.  I have to concentrate on the ten thousand things going on in our project itself.  So I turn LIBOR elections over to CIRM. They do a great job.

— CFO, $350 million office building construction project

I was always comfortable. I knew all the relevant facts. CIRM presented the options. I made the decisions.

— Entrepreneur, recycled industrial scrap metals

I’m an entrepreneur. I make money by taking well-informed risks. CIRM showed me it makes sense to manage my loan the same way. More importantly, they convinced my bankers to agree.

— Owner, fast-growing international distributor